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About Us

Passionate about a solar future and committed to customer service

The team at Radiant Australia has a passion for delivering easy-to-install Solar Racking Solutions designed with the business needs of each customer in mind. They are motivated to provide excellent customer service and innovative cost effective Solar Racking Solutions that save time and money for businesses that provide renewable energy solutions.

Established in Brisbane in 2012 the early years were spent laying the groundwork for the intuitive understanding of customer needs that is the hallmark of their exceptional service and support. A commitment to research led to technologically advanced solutions that directly address the installation challenges facing the solar industry today.

The result is a business built on delivering high quality, cost effective, technologically advanced and engineering certified Solar Mounting Solutions. The unique Radiant Australia design service develops solutions to meet specific customer needs. The team take a genuine pleasure in building partnerships and relish the fresh design challenge each new customer brings.

Call Radiant Australia today to learn more about our innovative rooftop racking system, solar tripod mounting system or ground mounting system or sign up for our newsletter below for six tips on what to look for in a solar racking system.