• Fast and Easy Installation

    Fast and Easy Installation

    More than 50% quicker than standard installation times

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  • Technologically advanced

    Technologically advanced

    100% pre-assembled and spring-loaded

  • Unique Design Service

    Unique Design Service

    From design advice to customised solutions

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    Racking Systems Calculator

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    About Radiant

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Energise your Business Earnings with Radiant Australia.

Radiant Australia is a Brisbane based supplier of high quality commercial and residential solar racking. Our customer tailored ‘value for money’ solutions use a high degree of pre-assembly. This makes it faster and easy-to-install and more profitable for your business.

The key to the success of our innovative solar mounting systems is the design. Our systems have patented spring-loaded rail clip and clamps and come pre-assembled so panels can be installed fast. We work with customers to design and deliver engineering certified solar racking that suit every installation.

Radiant Australia’s range of solar racking systems

  1. A universal rooftop racking (flat to roof) system that eliminates the need for custom cutting and cuts standard installation time by more than half
  2. A solar tripod mounting system that can be adapted for different roof applications
  3. A range of pre-assembled corrosion resistant ground mounting systems for use in green field projects

Save time and money on your next solar installation with Radiant Australia.

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