Does Radiant Australia really install faster than other racking systems?

Yes thanks to the Radiant design service and the high degree of preassembled components. By applying simple yet intelligent design Radiant were able to modify a number of components such as changing the rail design and introducing spring connection technology to make installation quicker and simpler, at least 50% quicker than standard installation times in fact.

What support will I get from Radiant Australia during the system design?

Radiant customer service is second to none and we will support the design and installation of your solar racking system from idea to execution. Our expert team are on hand to answer queries at any stage in the design and installation process and we pride ourselves on delivering not just excellent solar racking solutions but customer service that goes above and beyond.

We keep high levels of stock on hand so we can always meet your delivery requirements and we partner with you to make sure your installation is always based on the optimum level of components for an easy-to-install cost effective and ultimately profitable solar mounting solution.

How can I get a Radiant Australia Solar Racking System?

Getting a Radiant Solar Racking System is easy; simply contact us via our website and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively give us a call us on (07) 3890 7899 to speak to one of the Radiant team who will be happy to help on any aspect of Radiant Solar Mounting Solutions from engineering and product information, quotes and arranging delivery, pickups, or simply helping you out while you install.

How long will it take for my order to be processed?

Radiant Australia turnaround times are quick, thanks to our policy of holding high levels of stock across our range. Once the design is agreed and the quote is approved we can dispatch the same day, or advise delivery times when we issue a quote.

Are Radiant Solar Racking Systems approved and certified for Australian installations?

All Radiant Solar Racking Systems come with the highest level of engineering certification. Our general engineering certification covers nearly all potential applications. Our engineers also offer a customised certification for specialist applications or if a higher standard of certification is required.