Radiant Terrain Rac Ground Mount Systems

Radiant Terrain Rac Ground Mount Systems are designed for specific use in green field projects. Engineered from the highest grade aluminum they save time and money on ground mounted solar installations. They come:

  • Completely preassemble and simple to unfold install and position
  • With an anodized finish for superior look and high corrosion resistance
  • In 3 different engineered solutions:
    • Terrain Rac N for use in open ground areas
    • Terrain Rac K when terrain or climate demands heavy duty racking
    • Terrain Rac W for multiple panel row sets ups

Radiant Terrain Rac Ground Mount Systems are among Australia’s favourite thanks to:

  • Module elevation that prevents loss of power from ground cover obstruction
  • Flexibility that allows use with framed or unframed modules as well as ground screw or concrete foundations
  • Excellent tolerances for vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • High recycle value and low associated waste disposal costs

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