250 kW Foodbank Glendenning NSW

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Project Background

The new Foodbank distribution centre at Glendenning, NSW rescues and distributes over 15 million kilos of food to hungry Australians ever year. It takes a lot of refrigeration power to keep that amount of food fresh so it made sense to harness the sun to help with the job.

The NSW solar installer charged with tackling this large scale commercial solar installation turned to Radiant Australia to supply the solar racking solution needed to support the 250kW system.

What we did

The brief called for a fast reliable low-cost solution that also matched the low environmental impact ethos of this not-for-profit organisation.

Radiant Australia drastically cut the potential labour cost of the installation and designed a mounting system that resulted in lowest possible installed racking cost per kW.

Working closely with the client throughout the design stage of the project the Radiant Solar Tripod Support System was eventually installed under budget and with an overall reduction in the total budgeted cost of the solar installation for the client.

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