30KW Agricultural Machinery Workshop


Project Background

When Western Sydney Solar & Electrical took on a project to install solar at a farm machinery workshop owned by Sammut Agricultural Machinery, they didn’t hesitate in coming back to Radiant Australia for the Solar Racking Solution.

With a history of completing successful solar projects together they knew Radiant would deliver their high quality racking solutions quickly, efficiently and with the specific requirements of the job at the forefront of the design.

What we did

To optimise the roof space and allow for a better layout the installation design called for vertical rather than horizontal rails. Radiant Australia supplied a 30kw Rooftop Rac system using a 360 degree Trim Dek footing that allowed for a multidirectional fit and so the shaped corrugated foot would fit flush to the corrugated roof.

This project was delivered on time and on budget thanks to the Radiant Australia customer service commitment and design service that configures the optimum solution for each individual customer in consultation with that customer.

Thanks to Radiant Australia, Western Sydney Solar & Electrical were able add another happy customer to their database.

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