30KW Sunshine Railway Station


Project Background

Public safety was paramount for the Melbourne company installing solar at the Sunshine Railway Station. Their customer demanded a highly engineered Solar Racking solution as part of the install that would leave them in no doubt their public safety obligations would be fully met.

What we did

Radiant Australia was the natural choice for this installer and the team worked with the customer to design a 30Kw Tripod 20-30 degree Solar Racking Solution on Klip Lok Clamps that was able to meet the stringent requirements of the job.

With its high degree of preassembly and custom design Radiant Australia supplied a Solar Racking Solution that was able to meet the challenges of the job with the minimum of necessary components and labour.

The result was a safe, solid and high quality solar installation delivered on time and on budget, and a satisfied customer with an enhanced reputation as a reliable installer of high quality solar solutions.

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