The Radiant 360 Tile Roof Hook: Everyday Innovation

 The Radiant 360 Tile Roof Hook evolved from our commitment to making things simpler and more cost effective for customers.

Tile roofs add complexities to solar installation such as uneven tiles, sagging roofs, and awkward rooflines that mean standard solar installations can’t use all the available space.

Working out how to overcome that was the challenge, the 360 Tile Roof Hook was the solution. 360 degree tile swivel2

Essentially the 360 Tile Roof Hook allows for a vertical as well as a standard horizontal panel orientation which means you can fit panels onto smaller spaces and your customers can take full advantage of all of their available roof space.

You can even install on an angle to follow the roof ridge line and install in spaces most brackets won’t fit. It means a cleaner design and happier customers.

The spine height can be adjusted, and the hook can move both left and right at the base to sit better on the roof purlin. Just position and then two screws per bracket hold it in place.

Attach the hook to the rail with the Radiant patented spring rail clip that can move backwards and forwards for rail adjustment and you’ve got maximum flexibility.

Since you can use the tile bracket as a base for attaching the Radiant Australia solar tripod and tilting on tile roofs it’s also perfect for taking advantage of a south facing tile roof space – directing panels back north.

The unique patented Radiant Australia 360 Tile Roof Hook is the most versatile roof hook on the market and as part of the Radiant patented tile roof system it offers maximum flexibility. So when your sales guy says ‘we can install solar anywhere’, you know you can deliver.

And it’s a great example of how even the simplest ideas can be the most effective.

To find out more about the Radiant Australia 360 Tile Roof Hook and other Radiant Australia products call John or Juergen on 07 3907 0924.